APSG-1224 2A/3A

Hydraulic Surface Grinders


Machine Feature

High performance cast iron adopted with best structure design to ensure rigidity, stability and accuracy.
P4 precision angular contact bearings adopted to ensure spindle round out within 2μ.

Model Design

2A: Hydraulic longitudinal (X) axis; auto cross feed (Z axis); manual down feed (Y axis).
3A: Hydraulic longitudinal (X) axis; auto cross feed (Z-axis); rapid power down feed (Y axis).
AD: 3A with Y axis auto down feed.
Description APSG-1224 2A/3A / Description
General Capacity
Table size 300x600mm
Max. table travel W x L 340x700mm
Distance from table surface to spindle center 500mm
Longitudinal Movement
Table speed(approx) 1~25M/min
Cross Feed Movement
Continuous feed(approx) 60HZ/1100mm/min
Handfeed 1.gra. 0.02mm
Handfeed 1.rev. 4mm
Intermittent cross feed 0.1~10mm
Vertical Down Feed
Handfeed 1.gra. 0.005mm
Handfeed 1.rev. 2mm
Rapid feed(3A.AD) 200mm/min
Automatic Down Feed
Feed rate (Coarse/Fine) 0.001mm~0.999mm
Fine feed stock removal 0.001mm~0.099mm
Grinding Wheel
Wheel size (dia x width x bore) 355x38x127mm
Wheel speed 50HZ/1450rpm
Spindle motor 5HP
Cross feed motor 80W
Rapid head elevation motor (3A) 80W
Hydraulic motor 1HP
Net/Packing gross 1750/1900kgs
Packing size
L x W x H 220x180x210cm

Standard Accessories

Z axis (Cross) with ballscrew
X axis auto lube-system to protect the guideway.


Permanent/ Electro Magnetic Chuck
Coolant System W/Splash Guard
Parallel Dressing Attachments
Coolant System & Dust Unit W/Splash Guard


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