PSG-614, 618T, 618B, 818B

Hand Feed Surface Grinders


Machine Feature

Major cast parts are made of stress relieved and annealed Meehanite castings to ensure stability, rigidity, high accuracy, and extended working life.
Lead screws: Heat treated and ground, smooth operation and extended working life.
Precision steel balls produce extremely smooth operation and long working life of slide ways. (B series)
Double V slideways are precisely hand-scraped and coated with Turcite B for smooth movement and extra stability.
The spindle is coupled directly with a V-3 motor which ensures a high spindle run out accuracy of 0.002mm. The precision cartridge spindle is greased and requires very little maintenance, and incorporates 4 preloaded class 7(P4) super precision angular contact ball bearings for heavy grinding.
Standard auto-lube system provides ample lubrication on all slideways, lead screws and nuts. Lubricating oil is filtered and recycled for smooth movement and minimal wear and tear.
Description PSG-614T / Description PSG-618T, 618B / Description PSG-818B / Description
General Capacity
Table size 150x355mm 150x457mm 200x457mm
Max.grinding length 375mm 475mm 475mm
Max.grinding width. 160mm 160mm 200mm
Distance from table surface to spindle center 410mm 410mm(PSG)/520mm(APSG) 410mm(PSG)/490mm(APSG)
Longitudinal Movement
Manual travel 380mm 480mm 485mm
Cross Feed Movement
Manual travel 170mm 176mm 230mm
Handfeed per rev. 5mm 5mm 5mm
Handfeed per gra. 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.02mm
Vertical Downfeed
Handfeed per rev 1mm 1mm 1mm
Handfeed per gra 0.005mm 0.005mm 0.005mm
Feed by MPG(opt.) per gra (x1)0.001mm (x10)0.01mm (x100)0.1mm (x1)0.001mm (x10)0.01mm (x100)0.1mm (x1)0.001mm (x10)0.01mm (x100)0.1mm
Grinding Wheel
Wheel size (dia.x width x bore) 180x13x31.75mm 180x13x31.75mm 180x13x31.75mm
Spindle speed(50/60 HZ) 3000/3600rpm 3000/3600rpm 3000/3600rpm
Spindle motor(opt.) 1.5HP(2HP) 1.5HP(2HP) 2HP(3HP)
  670kg 780kg/820kg 800kg/880kg
Packing-Height Size
Length x width x height 1300x1050x2100mm 1450x1100x2100mm 1670x1150x2100mm

Standard Accessories

Grinding Wheel With Flange
Wheel Balancing Base
Wheel Balancing Arbor
Grinding Wheel Flange
Working Lamp
Vertical MPG Microfeed Device
Wheel Dresser With Diamond
LED Working Lamp
Leveling Screw & Plate
Magnetic Separator Filter
Toolboc & Tools
Paper Filter W/Coolant System
Operation Manual
Cooland System With Auto Paper Filter & Magnetic Separator DRO & Linear Scale
Dust Suction System
Wheel Inverter


Permanent/ Electro Magnetic Chuck
Coolant System W/Splash Guard
Parallel Dressing Attachments
Coolant System & Dust Unit W/Splash Guard


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