Auto Downfeed Surface Grinders


Machine Feature

Precision spindle ultraprecision (P4 level) bearings, to ensure the best quality grinding.
Optical Devic
Down feed can be installed with optical ruler, make more accurate.
Upper & Lower Minimum Feed Amount: 0.001mm; NC System Feature
Can be divided into coarse grinding, fine grinding two-stage process, and with 0-9 times to ensure that no spark grinding precision grinding.

Spindle position can be set at any point zero.

Planning of 0:00 reset function, when the spindle movement, just by pressing the zero reset, you can reset to zero.

Spindle moves up and down to do: 1. Speed 2. feed into Jog 3. Micro 4.MPG electronic handwheel: Feed rate 1μ, 5μ, 10μ.
All the Digital Input, Don’t Need to Calculate, More Easier Operation
Grooving Choose Unilateral or Bilateral Feed.

After the Processing is Completed Selectable: 1.Does not Stop, or Only the Warning Lights Flashing 2.After Milling is Completed, the Table Off the Right Stop + Power Off.
Optical device
NC system
All the digital input, don't need to calculate, more easier operation
Description PSG-820ADE / Description PSG-820ADS / Description
General Capacity
Table size 200 x 500 mm 200 x 500mm
Max. Grinding Surface (W x L) 230 x 580 mm 230 x 580 mm
Distance From Table Surface to Spindle Center 400 mm 400 mm
Table Speed (Approx) 1~25 M/min 1~25 M/min
Continuous Feed (Approx) 60HZ (1,100 mm/min) 60HZ (1,100 mm/min)
500HZ (900 mm/min) 500HZ (900 mm/min)
Handfeed (per. gra.) 0.02 mm 0.001/ 0.01/ 0.1 mm
Handfeed (per. rev.) 5 mm 0.1/ 1/ 10 mm
Intermittent Cross Feed 0.5-10 m/min 0.5-10 m/min
Vertical Downfeed
Handfeed (per. gra.) 0.001/ 0.005/ 0.01 mm 0.001/ 0.005/ 0.01 mm
Handfeed (per. rev. ) 0.1/ 0.5/ 1 mm 0.1/ 0.5/ 1 mm
Rapid Feed 230/ 29 mm/min 230/ 29 mm/min
Auto. Downfeed - -
Total Stock Removal 0.001~999.999 mm 0.001~999.999 mm
Feed Rate (Coarse/ Fine) 0.001~0.099 mm 0.001~0.099 mm
Fine Feed Stock Removal 0.001 mm 0.001 mm
Spark Out 0~9 0~9
Spindle and Wheel
Wheel Size (Dia.x Width x Bore) 180 x 13 x 31.75 mm 180 x 13 x 31.75 mm
Spindle Speed (50/ 60 HZ) 2,850/ 3,450 rpm 2,850/ 3,450 rpm
Spindle Motor 2 HP (OPT. 3) 2 HP (OPT. 3)
Cross Feed Motor 40W (AC Motor) 400W (Servo Mortor)
Hydraulic Motor 1 HP 1 HP
Vertical Motor 21.6kg-cm or 400W 400W
  960 kgs 960 kgs
Packing Size
L x W x H 1,900 x 1,700 x 2,100 mm 1,900 x 1,700 x 2,100 mm

Standard Accessories

Grinding Wheel With Flange
Wheel Balancing Base
Wheel Balancing Arbor
Working Lamp
Wheel Dresser With Diamond
Leveling Screw & Plate
Toolboc & Tools
Operation Manual


Permanent/ Electro Magnetic Chuck
Coolant System W/Splash Guard
Parallel Dressing Attachments
Coolant System & Dust Unit W/Splash Guard
Dust Suction System
Grinding Wheel Flange
Vertical MPG Microfeed Device
LED Working Lamp
Magnetic Separator Filter
Paper Filter W/Coolant System
Cooland System With Auto Paper Filter & Magnetic Separator DRO & Linear Scale
Wheel Inverter


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